We have several ways to support you in improving your Advisers' performance - we call it the Virtual Sales Director

We can help you to set Practice sales plans and individual Adviser plans with critical processes and tools that help them to provide a true full service to clients whilst maximising their IAF.

We provide individual Adviser coaching, which gives your Advisers important frameworks, processes and psychology techniques to help them optimise their time and effort.

We enable your Advisers to embrace a more client-centric and goals-based approach that has helped many other Practices to significantly increase their client acquisition, retention and FUM.

What people say

GHW&Co have given my Advisers clarity on how to spend their time proactively, what to focus on and what techniques to use. The net result has been an increase in FUM, quicker IAF and more client referrals.
James Lindley, Castell Wealth Management
Having clarity on how to best spend my time has been transformational. Analysing my existing book to identify which clients to see and when, rather than just waiting for their annual reviews, has completely changed how I work. Furthermore, understanding the psychology around ‘loss aversion’ has been particularly useful with advising my high earning clients.
Tristan Johnson, McKenzie & Co Financial Consultants
I’ve always prided myself on working hard, but Ade’s advice on how to work smarter and with more composure has been a gamechanger. I’m getting better results and enjoying my work more. I’d recommend GHW&Co to any Adviser.
Tom Donlea, Adviser, Castell Wealth Management
The sessions with Ade have helped give me a simple, clear and practical plan along with advice on how best to implement it. The end result is that it helps me be proactive and efficient.
Drew Marriott, Adviser, Corinthian Wealth Management
What can I say about Ade? His professionalism with a hint of humour provides the perfect blend in providing coaching support for me as a financial adviser. As they say, the proof is in the pudding. The confidence I have, my overall performance, and ultimately my results have exceeded all expectations. I am confident I will continue to exceed expectations with ongoing support from Ade.
Andrew Greenlees, Adviser at New Forest Wealth