• Add value to client relationships, increase your funds under management, add new high value clients and maximise the value of your Practice.


  • Provide a holistic advisory proposition designed for Business Owners - enabling them to grow, realise and enjoy the wealth created within their business.


  • Benefit from a marketing and engagement programme ready to target this lucrative and under-served market.

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What do Wealth Management Practices think?

Chris de Mellow

Mark Woodham

Adam Johnson

“GHW&Co are serious business experts. I trust them to provide my Business Owner clients with sound advice and support. When we work hand-in-hand clients get better outcomes.” 

"Running workshops with business owners that balance personal planning with business planning is a huge advantage for us. The team at GHW&Co make it easy and effective." 

"Goals based planning has significantly increased income from our existing book. The joint approach with business owners and GHW&Co is a game changer. It's also a great prospecting tool." 

De Mellow Wealth Management

Corinthian Wealth Management

New Forest Wealth Management

(Chartered Adviser of the Year)


The Business Owner Proposition

  • We have developed a 'Goals Based' personal and business advisory proposition that serves and attracts Business Owners.

  • Practices provide the personal advisory service and recognised business experts GHW&Co provide the business advisory service. 

  • ​It's supported with a clear proposition designed to attract Business Owners, complete with marketing materials and a mapped out engagement process.

  • It provides unique tools that enable you to engage new prospects and create goals based plans for Business Owners and for their businesses​​​​.

What do Business Owners think?


"I'd recommend GHW&Co to anybody. What they do is incredible. Amazing experience. Amazing people."

Phil Vickery, MBE

Businessman and rugby legend


"Their process focuses the mind. It's beautiful in its simplicity and profound in its effect.

John Workman

Head of Law Firm & Corporate Lawyer


"We're on a journey together to increase our turnover from £6m to £25m in 3 years. With GHW&Co I know I'm with the right guys to do it."

Nick Rogers

Tech Entrepreneur


“The workshops are a brilliant opportunity to sit down away from the office with a friendly team of experts, analyse what you do as a business and plan ahead.”

Ian Herbert

Aviation Software Entrepreneur


The GHW&Co Consulting Team

Each of the team have run consultancies and marketing agencies where we were trusted with multi-million pound budgets and tasked with driving growth for leading brands in the UK and around the world.

We set up GHW&Co to offer the same skills and support for entrepreneurial, dynamic, challenger businesses who are led from the front by their charismatic owners and have since built a core expertise in helping wealth management practices.​ 

We have worked behind the curtain with many of the most successful entrepreneurial SMEs in the UK and some of the UK's leading wealth management practices. We understand the world of entrepreneurial business owners. We understand the world of Partners and advisers. And we understand how to bring them together to generate more funds under management, more clients and more growth.


Adrian Gill

Sales & Marketing

Adrian is an entrepreneur who has launched, grown, bought and sold multiple businesses and was previously MD of the UK's fastest growing marketing agency.

He is classically trained in the real world of front line sales and specialises in applying the theory and psychology of sales techniques into practical strategies.




Guy Harris

Strategy & Planning


Guy is the former CEO of a PLC marketing agency and MD of several successful SMEs with experience in growing, selling and buying businesses.

He has developed sales and marketing strategies for global blue chip brands in the USA and UK and uses big business thinking to help Practices scale and grow.


Andy Wheatley

Brand & Communications


Andy is a former MD of the largest brand agency in the world, with a wealth of experience helping global brands and multi-national businesses to grow.

He is a strong advocate of removing the noise and jargon around brands and keeping things simple and is focused on helping challenger brands realise their potential and driving sales.

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