Whether you chose Voyant, Opal, CashCalc, or any of the other tools available is much less important than how you actually choose to engage with your clients.

In particular, there is a skill to having these conversations and in asking the right questions that will help define, develop and review your clients' goals.

A goals-based approach is more client centric, more emotionally engaging, and leads to better client advice - we have seen it lead to an increase in FUM by 20%*.

It's better for you and better for your clients.

But getting your Advisers to follow this approach, confidently and with conviction, can be a challenge.

We've developed a coaching programme that's supported with client reports and documentation that help bring more advisers on board.

* Based on average over GHW clients

What Practice Owners Say

Goals based planning has been a bit of a buzz phrase that we hear a lot but not sure it has ever been explained properly. My feeling was that my advisers will look at giving full and broad advice, so what difference would this make.
If I'm honest, the only reason I entertained this part of the support was when the research showed that we were seen as pension specialists.
The coaching and supporting templates have given me and my advisers a new way of approaching clients and how we structure our advice.
The results, a significant increase in average value per client and speed of transactions
SJP Practice owner