As part of the day, we'll review your client bank, identify the additional opportunity in your practice and we'll benchmark you against other successful practices.

Many high growth SJP practices have used the Planning Day as their springboard to growth.

We use a goals-based approach for the day, and it works because it's how you work with your clients too.


What does good look like for you and by when?

What is your 'Future Perfect' and where do you want to get your Practice to?

  • Is it FUM growth? A particular BSP exit value or a monthly OAF goal?
  • Is it more time for yourself or to get your Advisers producing more?
  • Are some of your goals more client focussed and non-financial?

We challenge you to think about what you want to achieve and we'll look at what's possible.


What could accelerate Growth?

What are your top 3 challenges for growth?

  • Are you and the team focussing on the right things?
  • Is it Adviser performance and/or back-office/Admin constraints?
  • Is it you?

We'll look at what's holding you back and compare your challenges to other high growth practices.


Modelling what's possible

Are you on track to hit your Future Perfect?

  • Using your own data, we'll model your book and show you the additional potential value in your book (and of any planned BSPs).
  • We'll find out who your ideal clients are now, and who in the future.
  • We can benchmark your performance against high growth practices.

We'll help you see your client book through new eyes and use it to develop your plan for high growth.


An action plan for your Practice

Where to focus for your best return on investment:

  • How to use your brand and proposition to drive growth.
  • The dark arts of sales and marketing made simple and effective.
  • Adviser performance - techniques, process and KPIs that improve performance.

At the end of the day, we’ll have built an action plan that will make a tangible difference to you and your practice.

You can choose to take it away with you, or we can help you work through each initiative. If you do choose our support, we can tailor our approach to suit your timings, capacity, capability, and budget.

What Practice Owners say about us

The session gives clarity and focus followed by a pragmatic review of any gaps. Enjoyable yet thought provoking.
Has given me a whole different way to support and drive my Advisers.
Ed McKenzie, McKenzie Wealth Management
We have worked with the team for two years. The end result is a dramatic increase in our FUM and clarity on the future. The start was the away day – if you are looking at significant growth and happy to take advice do it.
Mark Woodham, Corinthian Wealth
Stepping away from the business for a day with the guys was immensely productive.
Having the ability to refine and revise the business plan and strategise about the direction of the business has been transformational for us. It has enabled the team to further focus time and energy on our client-centric proposition, and has provided a data-backed perspective that we were not previously using.
James Lindley, Principal Partner, Castell Wealth Management
I like to think of Oakway as a progressive Practice that is happy to look at new ways of doing things. We've enjoyed good growth over the years but I knew to achieve and sustain the level of growth we want we needed to engage experts from outside.
GHW's planning day gave me a whole new way to look at the business, my Advisers and myself. The session and follow up support has given me the perfect foundations for our targeted growth plans
Mark Jackson, Oakway Wealth Management
The day was a real catalyst for me personally and the Practice.
Viewing the Practice and the Advisers through the 'Numbers Board' has changed the way we work. It's amazing what is under your nose the whole time.
Can't recommend the session or the guys enough.
Adam Johnson, Director, New Forest Wealth Management, St. James's Place Chartered Adviser of the Year
Uncanny how close the session is to what we do for a living with our own clients. Having said that, the session was invaluable. 'Remove the noise' as the guys say. I now have clarity and know where to focus my time and energy. Great to have the guys in my corner.
Nicola Gillespie, Gillespie Financial Ltd
Segmenting our book into 'types of client' and reviewing values has been a game changer. Adviser performance has risen considerably, IAF is noticeably quicker and referral rates increased.
Can't recommend enough.
Martin de Blocq van Scheltinga, Principal of Martello Wealth Management, Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place